Golf Simulator Garage Setup

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Golf Enthusiasts,
Do you want to practice and play golf in your garage during this rather mild Michigan winter? I just completed my eighth round this December. I created a blog for my garage golf simulator setup. I would appreciate any opinions, suggestions you would be willing to share. I have listed the link below. Please share the link with other golf enthusiast you know. Total time warm up 30 minutes, range 20 minutes and golf simulator round 60 minutes. Good exercise.

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  1. h2o-boy's Avatar
    I don't think you could use real golf balls with that setup because if you hit a stud, that ball is coming back at you. And if you don't, the ball will eventually break the dry wall. Or is the net not as close as it looks in the pictures?

    I love those "Almost Golf" balls. I have used those for practicing at times and they work great.